Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Frankenstein Complete

Winter project complete.  After seeing the waves in the driveway an night with the headlights shining over it I knew that adjustments had to be made.  So, after a bunch of Internet searches and plenty of YouTube videos I know beyond a doubt what needed to be done - it had to be graded.

I kinda of suspected that might be the case when I bought the Gravel Rascal and even asked the sales guy why they didn't offer a grader option.  He brushed it off and I pressed forward with the purchase.  I am pleased with the product, it's just not complete.  Back in the day (at least at home) the counties all had horse, later tractor, drawn graders.  As motor graders came along these got sold off or parked somewhere to rust away.   I have seen a few around here as well, even one that looked like it might want a new home at a construction equipment lot.  Called, no response.  Time to get busy.  

After a bunch of time in SketchUp had a plan.  Bought a small pile of steel and started cutting.  Overall it really came together quite nice.  There was one pivot point that I just couldn't quite get my head around so I swapped out the solid support for a chain so it could be adjusted, and I worried (correctly) that the actuator would not be stout enough with the additional weight to lift it.   After swapping out the lift it was good to go.

Best news is that it actually works!