Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wow, been a while.  A few things have happened I suppose.  Mostly lots of changes to 'the plan'.  One of the big ones is the location of the finished Timber Frame shed I have been working on.  I think we are going to put it in West Virgina instead of the back yard.  Long story :-).

If you have ever read the short called "Sequences" by Patrick McManus you'll have a deep appreciation for the ripples on both sides of the cause and effect that came from this change.  One of them was the decision to build a little post and beam wood shed as a thank you gift for our friend who donated a bunch of wood for the big shed.  I have been cutting beams from trees that had come down in the yard due to either storms or thining for a couple of years now.  Problem is there was one more tree and I don't really need any more beams, so....

The screen capture here shows the design I came up with.  Pretty simple.  They have a fireplace that they use a few times a season so it doesn't have too be all that big.  Need to keep the firewood up off the ground and the weather off.

Wood Shed Design

The small size drove the timber size to 4x4 posts so there was really no way to do timber frame joints so went with metal fasteners, post and beam style. Still like the timber frame look though so put some lap joints in to give it a little bit of effect.

Beams, Ready to Assemble

Next photo is all of the timbers cut and ready to go.  For such a small little thing the pile ended up a lot bigger then I expected.  Of course this also means it took much longer than anticipated as well.  Twice the cost and four times as long as the estimate as I am often told by certain other people near and dear to me.

Mostly Finished

Last shot shows the decking going on. At this point I was doing an hour or so at a time after work so it took one more trip to get the shingles down, in the rain of course.  Need to get back over and see how it looks with some wood stacked up....

Laying Down the Decking