Saturday, June 27, 2015

Stitched Time Lapse....

So, took two more 'sessions' to complete the joint.  Patched them together and laid in some sound (thank you Stefano Vita), a little learning on iMovie.  I wasn't too thrilled at the level of control for viewing each picture, now I see that you can re-time a clip after it's made as a % of the original - problem solved.....

Always little things along the way too.  In the first clip I had the the camera on a small flexible legged tripod sitting on a board connected to one of the shelves in the garage.  It seemed too far away so for the second clip I moved it forward.  Then the tripod wasn't able to bend and point down well.   So I put together a little stand for the camera out of a pile of scraps destined for fireplace kindling.  Worked pretty good, think it's a keeper.


  1. nice joint, maybe i missed it, but what is it for in the frame?

  2. No, you didn't miss it, I have stuff scattered all over. It's one of the tiebeams. I put a little bit of design info for the shed on Squiddo (sold to HubPages) some time ago, here is the latest link: The end rafters will have a tenon and be pegged. The center three will be bird mouth.... The under side is dovetail for holding the walls in.