Saturday, May 6, 2017

Todays Project....

So, wanted to find a little two hour project this morning to relax from a long week.   While making pancakes for my grandson he insisted we 'wash beard'.   He loves to pretend to shave with me; perfect project - a toy razor for him.   This was a quick down and dirty kind of thing so no pictures of the build, just the finished product.   In fact, I didn't even go look at mine and as soon as I put them next to each other realized that I cut the 'blade' backwards so I might make another one.   Just doesn't look right :-).  Just in case a safety freak sees this; not to worry it's not sharp....

 In words the build went like this:

  • Rip a couple of strips of oak out of the scrap pile for the handle
  • Rip the center out of an old linoleum transition strip that has been laying in the garage for at least 15 years (good thing I saved it right?) for the blade
  • Sand the aluminum blade to take off the burrs
  • Sand the wood handle to shape
  • Drill holes
  • Pop rivet the blade in place and the back with washers for spacers
  • Try it out!

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